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    Meeting Notes-40th and A 2013-05-28

    1. Welcome
    2. Update on Tax information/Non Profit.
    We’re a Non-Profit! But not yet Tax Exempt
    3. Treasurer’s report
    Balance $1902.64
    Memberships: 24 Individuals: For Park:$110
    37 Families: For Park $65
    6 Contributing For Park $50
    11 Businesses

    Earmarked money for the Park.
    4. Mailing list SIGN UP
    Email list is almost working…
    5. Garage sales update.

    Last year we had around 60…

    Goodwill Stores having a “Goodwill Challenge” Over 2000 lbs of leftover items through July 6th. 1st place neighborhood gets $300. Which we can put toward park.

    6. Party in the park /food/guests/advertising.
    Hot Dogs are provided…
    Need to get buns, bags of chips(?) Napkins, plates, Watermelon.
    Name Runza as a contributor for condiments, drinks, and paper goods.
    Public Restrooms…
    Ayers and Ayers providing a grill and someone to work it
    Antelope Park Church of the Brethren providing tables and chairs
    UNL Music Students coming to provide music.

    Park Planning Meeting Wednesday, 12th of June at Michael’s at 7:30pm

    Next Meeting in June 25th, 2013

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