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    -Spring Cleanup April 5th, 2014, Saturday @9:00AM
    -In need of a Vice President…Job description??
    -Park Update: We’re soooo close! Things are in the works..
    -Garage Sales: Tentatively picked a date…June 19th-22nd, Good Will Challenge?

    -Current Newsletter: Wait until February to send out Dues News…Spring Newsletters delivering on April 5th coinciding with the spring cleanup.

    -Hamilton House (35th and J) Really bad condition..but the person who bought it might want to put in duplexes…we are concerned because Witherbee does not want that.
    We may need to show support with Witherbee.

    -Treasurer: Last Year- $3.94 in Dividends…Year End Treasury is at $2666.35…
    -As of today $2729.98….
    -Advertising in the Neighborhood Newsletter?? Figure out Policies and Procedures for future incidents.


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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